Prior to recent technological developments, aesthetics had largely been the domain of the faculties of arts and humanities. Neuroaesthetics is a relatively new subcategory of cognitive neuroscience stemming from both evolutionary psychology and design theory. Neuroaesthetics incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to aesthetics with the aim to better understand the neural substrates implicated in human aesthetic judgment.


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Amna Azeem
Cleo Valentine


Mihaela Mitrovic

Human brains are weird, glorious and driven by a delicate yet robust interplay of various opposing forces. 

Miriam Hoffman

Where can rest be used to positively impact spatial memory and place attachment?

Frank Suurenbroek
Gideon Spanjar

Introduction  Urban renewal and urban area development projects are by nature highly complex processes involving a multiplicity of professionals, stakeholders, and conflicting interests. Adding to this complexity are the formulated...

Miriam Hoffman

This paper explores the pertinent intersection of emotions, neuroscience, and the impact of the physical environment on our health and wellbeing. The intention of this paper is to call for...