Culture and Design

Culture and Design

Culture plays an important role in shaping behaviors and cognition of space users. Now more than ever we live in multicultural communities. Understanding needs of inhabitants with various backgrounds helps to design spaces that embrace collaboration, trust and respect. In the times of design globalization, when similar solutions are realized in various, remote parts of the globe, it is vital to understand local needs, traditions and habits to successfully adapt these solutions without harming local social environment. We research the influence of culture on perception and behavioral patterns associated with space. We investigate vernacular design practices rooted in different cultures to understand their impact on users' behavior and cognition. If you are interested in contributing to this domain please let us know!


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S Suryanarayanan
Dr Anna Marazuela Kim
Ghadah Alqahtani
Ali Estefam
Robin Mazumder
Urszula Kuczma


Liane Hartley

Is the “citizen professional” emerging to hold communities, developers and planners together in the planning process.

Tess Osborne

Why does a varied and rich landscape stir a positive reaction in people?

Ifeoma Ebo

Why is a community engaged process crucial to equitable human-centred design?