Biophilia, humankind’s innate need to affiliate and bond with living systems, has deep roots in the human evolution and architectural design. The focus of our domain is to explore the deep connections between natural ecosystems and our own physiology and identify the cues to build more sustainable, ecological, and life-affirming environments.


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Anja Kluge
Robin Mazumder
David A. Navarrete Maciel


Urszula Kuczma
Natalia Olszewska

In this article, we present a contemporary understanding of the role of roji, a type of Japanese garden that served as a preparatory space for tea ceremonies which are an...

David A. Navarrete Maciel
Bill Witherspoon

Before the COVID-19 pandemic introduced the term “social distancing” to our lexicon, a percentage of Americans had already endured a similar type of social distancing. This collective phenomenon did not...

Nicola De Pisapia
Giuseppina Ascione

Looking at how light plays an important role in creating spaces with a positive impact on occupants’ productivity and wellbeing

Donald H. Ruggles

How can neuroscience, biology and psychology inform architecture's quest for beauty, and what does it mean for our wellbeing?